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Preparing your dog for snood wearing 

Video for preparing your dog
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Tasty treats

Hold a treat through the hole of the snood to get your dog used to pushing their head through the snood.

Play games

Once your dog is comfortable wearing the snood, play some games with them to get them more relaxed wearing the snood.

Have your dog wear the snood on a regular basis to keep them comfortable.

Get your dog wearing the snood before noise happens

The snood is most effective when the dog is relaxed and wearing the snood before noises occur if possible.

For example, on bonfire night, get your dog comfortable in the snood before it gets dark and the fireworks start.

Snooding in the summer

Due to the layers in the snood, your dog may get a bit hot in the summer.

To prevent overheating, regularly wet your snood and monitor your dog.

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