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Introducing the new adjustable Anti-panic snood, designed to provide the same benefits as the old snood but with added adjustability. This innovative feature is perfect for dogs who dislike the measuring tape, allowing you to easily find the perfect fit for your furry friend. 

Not only does the adjustable feature make the snood more convenient, but it also enables you to gradually introduce your dog to the pressure of wearing the snood. This helps them become accustomed to it over time, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free experience for your beloved pet. 

Like its predecessor, the snood is still an ideal choice for providing comfort to your dog. It features a cozy and soothing lining that effectively reduces the impact of loud noises such as fireworks, gunshots, and thunder. This makes it particularly beneficial for dogs experiencing anxiety during these situations. 

With regular use, the snood may gradually desensitize your dog to these loud sounds, making it unnecessary in the long run. 

Crafted from soft fleece, this snood ensures optimum comfort for your furry friend. It is suitable for any occasion, guaranteeing to be a valuable aid for your dog's well-being.

Adjustable Anti-panic Snood Turquoise

  • The snoods are made of a blend of different fibers and should be laundered at a temperature of 30 degrees. They can also be tumble dried on a low setting. Additionally, the padding used in the snoods is designed to be fire retardant.

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