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Introducing the Herd Ball Cover: the ultimate accessory for your dog's cherished toy! Crafted from heavy-duty 1000D Cordura material, this cover offers unparalleled protection and resilience. Its convenient carrying tab ensures effortless portability for your pup's toy, wherever you go. Plus, its detachable design allows for easy removal and reattachment as needed.

Prepare for endless fun of chasing and herding with these dynamic balls. While gym balls like Trideer balls are recommended, any sufficiently thick ball will suffice, provided it's well inflated.

Please take note: the cover requires a snug fit, necessitating proper inflation of the ball. To achieve this, insert the ball into the cover and partially inflate it, ensuring the inflation valve aligns with one end of the Velcro closure. Once semi-inflated, smoothly seal the Velcro, leaving the top portion open for final inflation. While this process may be challenging and may not result in a perfect overlap at the top, firmly push the stopper in and secure the Velcro closure afterward. Assistance may be necessary, but typically only if the ball deflates. It's crucial to ensure a tight inflation to prevent the dog from puncturing the ball with its teeth. To date, we haven't encountered any issues with popped balls. Should you encounter any difficulties, please don't hesitate to reach out. For visual guidance, refer to the video below.

Herd a Ball Cover for gym ball 55cm

  • Make sure the ball is inflated to the full stretch of the ball and check it regularly as if it becomes deflated it is easier for them to pop.

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