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Dog wearing anti-panic snood

Anti-panic dog snood

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The  Adjustable Anti-panic Snood is designed to help block noises like fireworks and thunder using deflecting foam. Winner of the Business Awards UK Exceptional Pet and Animal Technology.

 Ships Worldwide.


Handcrafted and designed in Wales

Pip's Bootique is a small family run business. We want to help dogs that get anxious during thunderstorms, fireworks, gunfire or other periods of loud noises.


Anti-panic dog snood

Our Adjustable snoods are designed to help block noises like fireworks and thunder they are also great for anxious dogs.

Dew claw boots

Our made to measure boots help protect your dogs dew claws during exercise.

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See what our customers say

"Absolutely brilliant, my dog went from a nervous shaking wreck with the fireworks to flat out asleep in 10 minutes once we put his snood on. So pleased with it and amazing service by such a lovely lady. Would definitely recommend."

Emma Trimble

"I was very unsure how much this would help my firework phobic lurcher but it was great. My boy is easy but you may need to desensitise to your dog wearing it and having it put on but for me worth it for sure."

Lara Conaway

"The Anti Panic Snoods are amazing! I cannot recommend them enough. My two Border Collies are terrified of Fireworks, they are usually shaking and panting, hiding in fear. They won't eat or play. With the snoods on, they are calm, relaxed and completely chilled. Want to eat and play too. Best things I have ever bought for my dogs!"

Karen Herbert

"The dew claw boots really work! Amazing!
Very lovely helpful lady.
Thank you"

Kate Daley

See more of our reviews on our Facebook page and on Trustpilot.

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